Code of Conduct

Our Commitments to Learning Together

Consideration for others, cooperation, and a sense of personal responsibility help us to work successfully together. At SAM, we have some shared commitments that we all hold ourselves, and each other, accountable:

  • Respect yourself, your peers, your teachers, and the SAM School community.  
  • Meet your responsibilities—both as a student and as a good citizen.
  • Do your best to make SAM School a well-respected place.
  • Observe good safety practices and use them while travelling to and from school.
  • Keep the building and grounds clean and tidy. 

Every school has their own approach to discipline. At SAM School, we focus on using restorative practices that shift the focus of student discipline from punitive punishment to reflective learning using a community conferencing approach. These practices emphasize accountability, making amends, and facilitating dialogue between the affected individuals. Restorative practices and community conferencing work to repair harm done by:

  • Helping students take responsibility
  • Making students aware of consequences
  • Teaching students conflict resolution
  • Building emotional skills
  • Helping students practice empathy
  • Teaching students to embrace forgiveness
  • Showing the importance of communication
  • Building strong relationships
  • Teaching students how to respect different cultures and beliefs
  • Helping build community

At SAM School, collaboration and communication between students, teachers, and families is vital in this process.  

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Violence and Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)

Our school division is a partner in the St. Albert and Sturgeon Regional Violence and Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Protocol. The regional partnership includes school divisions, emergency services and community agencies, all working together for the safety of all children, youth and families. 

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