Welcome to our SAMily!

For 2023–2024, we will are offering full-day and AM Kindergarten.

Take a look at our school brochure. For more information on registering at SAM, call the office at 780.459.4467, or contact us here.

Kindergarten is a word that literally means children’s garden, a place to grow.

At SAM, your child’s experiences will form the foundation of their academic, intellectual and social-emotional development. Kindergarten will give them a positive start to becoming lifelong learners. We understand that students are curious and eager to learn. Based on these natural attributes, students are encouraged to try new things. Children are motivated to try their best while being reassured that it’s okay to make mistakes because that is all part of learning. 

Staff Meetings & Early Dismissal

Kindergarten children do not attend school on staff meeting days, which fall on the first Wednesday of each month except September. Kindergarten children also do not attend school on the early dismissal day preceding winter break in December.