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Our Team

Administration and Office Staff

Name Title
Cam Makovichuk Acting Principal
Natasha Pearson Acting Assistant Principal
Crystal Radtke Counsellor
Linda Faulkner Administrative Assistant
Sherri Griep Administrative Assistant
Mary Ann Mullet Technical Analyst
Kirsten Leathem Librarian


Name Subject
Jennifer Bowen Kindergarten - Full Day
Lancy Dreger Kindergarten - PM
Charlene Wall Kindergarten - AM
Brenda Cardinal Grade 1
Shirley Lamb Grade 1
Michelle Provost Grade 1
Heather Friedenthal Grade 2
Sandra Johnson Grade 2
Kim Smolley Grade 2
Kim Robertson Grade 3
Karen Sylvester Grade 3
Jamie Jukna
Grade 4
Mike Marano Grade 4
Charlotte Robertson Grade 4
Steve Beauchamp Grade 5
Cheryl Cariou Grade 5
Lise Classen Grade 6
Darren Moric Grade 6
Bill Deleeuw Grade 6
Lina Rosato Academic Challenge 5/6

Subject Specialists

Name Subject
Jamie Jukna French as a Second Language
Mike Marano French as a Second Language
Alana Moran Music
Ryan Parker Physical Education
Heather Friedenthal Indigenous Learning

Support Staff

Name Title
Julie Boughen Educational Assistant
Dawn Brown Educational Assistant
Rhonda Brown Educational Assistant
Dafne Mah Educational Assistant
Terasa McFarlane Educational Assistant
Elly Mcdaid Educational Assistant
Dale Moss
Educational Assistant
Jennifer Mucha Educational Assistant
Sheena Sanderson
Educational Assistant
Amy Watson
Educational Assistant


Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary School